HUDSON B & B - bright and airy recently renovated 18th century federal home near the train station and Basilica (3 rooms)

THE INN AT CA'MEA - three centrally located buildings, with a great restaurant and cafe (16 rooms)

HUDSON MERCHANT HOUSE - renovated 1700's inn with a modern feel, very close to train station and Basilica

THE INN AT 34 - beautiful and interestingly curated rooms on a quiet street (4 rooms)

WESTCOTT HOUSE B & B - adorable three bedroom B & B, two blocks from Baba Louie's <3 (3 rooms)

26 WARREN B & B - spacious rooms on the main street (5 rooms)

THE CROFF HOUSE - centrally located with three rooms and two suites, great breakfast with local ingredients (6 rooms)

THE BARLOW HOTEL - boutique hotel with smallish rooms, but in the perfect downtown location (16 rooms)

HUDSON CITY B & B - very centrally located with big rooms but dated and somewhat strange design choices (4 rooms)