(These are just some suggestions - check out what Rhinebeck, Catskill, and surrounding areas have to offer on and



CARRIAGE HOUSE - absolutely gorgeous and spacious accommodations in the heart of Hudson (accommodates 2)
HISTORIC HUDSON HIDEAWAY - stunning and airy apartment, close to the venue (accommodates 4)
FUNKY 50'S TIME WARP APARTMENT - really fun and central apartment (accommodates 4)
RIVERTOWN GUEST HOUSE - extremely beautiful apartments in the same building: APT 1 (accommodates 3), APT 2 (accommodates 6). 
MODERN HUDSON VACATION APARTMENT - on the opposite side of town from the venue but near the best breakfast situation (accommodates 5)
STUNNING WARREN STREET 2 BEDROOM - simple apartment on upper Warren Street (accommodates 4)
HUDSON 2BR WITH A VIEW - on the east side of town, and has a small telescope (accommodates 6) 
320 UNION ST - classic little house in the middle of town (accommodates 4) 

2ND FLOOR DESIGNER APARTMENT (accommodates 3) can be booked with or separately from 3RD FLOOR DESIGNER APARTMENT (accommodates 3), both are classically beautiful and well decorated  
BRIGHT COZY 2 BEDROOM (accommodates 4) and SPACIOUS HUDSON GETAWAY (accommodates 6) are in the same house and can be booked together for a larger group
SCANDI 2BR (accommodates 4) can be booked with 2ND FLOOR SCANDI 2 BR (accommodates 5)
3RD STATE HUDSON - large building with multiple rooms and apartments in town, great for a big group (accommodates 16)



18TH CENTURY COTTAGE - just outside town, so so so cute with cool decor (accommodates 6) 
COUNTRY COTTAGE - near the waterfalls, has swimming POND, hot tub, deck and simple room (accommodates 6ish)
COUNTRY RETREAT - same owners as ^country cottage^, modern decor and a swimming pool (accommodates 6) 
1740'S FARM HOUSE - gorgeous, secluded house with a creek, horses, and a ping pong table (accommodates 10)



RUSTIC CHIC BARN - we want to live here; it's ridiculously handsome (accommodates 6)



MOTHERSHIP B & B - so cool and weird, plus foosball (accommodates 4)
WOODSTOCK BARN - cathedral ceilings, hot tub, "swimmable pond" (accommodates 8)